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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Album Review: Mutiny Within - Mutiny Within

My review - originally published on MTUK:

Mutiny Within started life as a Children Of Bodom covers band - that’s the kind of damning fact that can follow your career around like a bad smell - but the band have reinvented themselves, seemingly with ease. A lot of the impetus for this new sound comes in the shape of new vocalist Chris Clancy, an Englishman who they discovered by means of a YouTube video. The simple fact that a major label like Roadrunner have snapped them up so quickly is clear proof that he’s the real deal and the band have obviously been doing a lot of things right. So, got the singer, got the shreds, got the record contract; no fuss, no mess, piece of piss. So the album rocks right?

Well, they clearly still have a sneaking penchant for the Children Of Bodom theatrics, piling Clancy’s almost operatic vocal outpourings onto a vast canvas of spiralling solos, scattergun riffs and drumming thunder. What, however, comes pouring out at you is an intriguing blend of metalcore and power metal, characterised by Bullet For My Valentine‘s clean lines, Dragonforce’s neurotic speed, and Unearth's push-pull structures...

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