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Friday, May 21, 2010

Album Review: The Las's - Callin' All

My review - originally published on TLOBF:

The bizarre story of Liverpool’s The La’s is without equal. They are a band that formed in 1983 and, theoretically, are still in existence, and yet they have only ever released one studio album. They are also a band with more former members than there are numbers on a dartboard; many of those rarely lasting more than a few months. The reason for such personnel profligacy undoubtedly lies at the door of Lee Mavers, the band’s co-founder and singer-songwriter. Leading up to that eponymous debut, back in 1990, Mavers continually shuffled his deck of bandmates and producers (often having it forced upon him by record label pressure), and made them record and re-record tracks over and over again in an attempt to perfect every note so that each song mirrored the particular emotion he desired so badly. Even after it‘s release, it became clear that still all was not well. With Mavers’ self-doubt now stronger than ever before, and with him rarely appearing in public, producer Steve Lilywhite has tellingly suggested that the reason the band have never made another album is because, according to Mavers, they are yet to complete their first...

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