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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

EP Review: The Leaves - The Sunshine

The Leaves, based in London and the South East, play gentle blues-tinged melodic rock music. Lead singer, Dannieuelle, has an assured vocal that sweeps effortlessly through the songs. Guitarist Aidan’s subtle acoustic melodies and drummer Dan’s understated, steady rhythms provide the backing to four tracks that show off their songwriting abilities.

The star of the show is clearly Danniuelle’s vocal which combines Dusty Springfield’s soft delivery with the lilting, more dramatic style of Chrissie Hynde’s. ‘First And Last’ is probably the best track here with a rhythm guitar setting the pace which the vocal lifts before pitching elegantly into the chorus hook. With songs that are so simply structured there aren’t any surprises or pitfalls - its music without gimmicks. Yes, I suppose it is rather formulaic, but then it’s perfect music for a lazy sunny afternoon and there’s always room for more of that, right?

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