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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Album Review: Brain Drill - Apocalyptic Feasting

True to their name the album starts with the sound of a drill being fired up and you spend the next half-hour having your brain scrambled by a concoction of drums not dissimilar to falling hailstones on a tin roof, fiercely warbling and violently ricocheting guitars, and the devil’s own set of lungs roaring, screeching and gurgling in equal measure. This is the sound of zombies feasting on a mix of death metal and grindcore. Splattercore, anyone?

Marco Pitruzella AKA Lord Marco is one of fastest drummers in the world and his hammering, machine-gun double-kicks are just plain scary. ‘Parasites’ is a fine example of the utter mayhem as the drums lay waste and the guitars reach a whining peak before cascading down into deep chugging bass notes. Like rain in puddles, like blood hitting walls, all amplified to an ear-splitting crescendo these lost boys have a thirsty appetite for mayhem. The track’s title is repeatedly screamed out by several different voices and it’s like being attacked by a zombie army. ‘Bury The Living’ carries on the theme with the sound of a chainsaw hacking off limbs to accompanying screams and splintering bone. There’s even a fusion of jazz-funk and grindcore at one point.

With the bloodied cover art of skinless zombies munching on each other, track titles like ‘Forcefed Human Sh**’, a website that features an image of a man having his brain drilled out next to the words ‘sounds like’, and bold claims like ‘the new x-treme’, Brain Drill are clearly the loudest and proudest metalheads around. It truly is the most insane, discordant and shocking thing I’ve heard in a while. Yet you can’t deny there is a certain exhilaration about assaulting your ears like this - and there is no better way to annoy the neighbours!

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