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Thursday, January 17, 2013

News: Hell Comes Home 7" Series

Never has anything needed your attention as much as this stunning series of 7" splits. If you can't find a band to cherish on this little lot, you need your head examining.

Here's the lowdown...

Hell Comes Home's split series simply titled "Volume 1", is now complete and available for purchase as a limited edition box-set. This collection of new and unreleased music, includes 12 splits 7" released in 2012 individually or as part of a subscription club.
Each 7" has been beautifully illustrated by Kuba Sokolski (

VOLUME 1 includes:
HCH-001 - Kowloon Walled City (US) / Thou (US) split 7"
HCH-002 - Suma (SE) / Ultraphallus (BE) split 7"
HCH-003 - Dephosphorus (GR) / Great Falls (US) split 7"
HCH-004 - Akaname (AU) / Lesbian's Fungal Abyss (US) split 7"
HCH-005 - Pyramido (SE) / Union Of Sleep (DE) split 7"
HCH-006 - Burning Love (CA) / Fight Amp (US) split 7"
HCH-007 - Coffinworm (US) / Fistula (US) split 7"
HCH-008 - The Swan King (US) / Tellusian (SE) split 7"
HCH-009 - Dukatalon (ISR) / Rites (IRL) split 7"
HCH-010 - Black Sun (UK) / Throat (FI) split 7"
HCH-011 - Dopefight (UK) / The Fucking Wrath (US) split 7"
HCH-012 - Dead Elephant (IT) / Rabbits (US) split 7"

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