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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Album Review: IIIrd Alternative - IIIa

IIIrd Alternative are, considering their realm of expertise, a Danish quartet who are most probably named after the Monster Magnet track "Third Alternative". It's your first hint, then, that this album's gonnna rock like a bastard. They have put together an instrumental album that draws on the dense neck-jarring grooves of Russian Circles and one that drops off to envelop you like so many other purveyors of dark, progressive and thickly ambient music.

Standouts are the constantly stick-shifting "Dark Rift" and the driving force and sweeping layers of "Umbra". Both these sound like they come from somewhere deep within the bowels of the Earth; rising up like musical magma to burst and pop on the surface in impressive explosions, before the molten liquid rock slides away to progressively ooze its way across the landscape, cooling the pace as it journeys.

Released back in January, it's almost inconceivable how such a work of art as this could go relatively unnoticed for so long. It's a real word-of-mouth album this so check it out and share the wealth. You'll find a full stream of the album, with an option to purchase the download, at:

Track Listing:
2.Eye Against Eye
3.The Great Flood
4.Dark Rift
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