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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Album Review: Disbelief - Heal

My review - originally published on MTUK:

Disbelief are one of those bands that music simply seems to pour from. It took some time for them to get going, but now 20 years on from their initial formation, 'Heal' is the German metallers third album in four years, and their ninth in total, and it represents a big step towards the darkly dramatic. Thomas Ewerhard's creepy comic artwork, depicting a surgeon about to place his bare hands on a part-decomposed skull, is your first indication of this, but it's the ramped-up and bitterly nihilistic lyrics that really seal the deal - "I see you death, cree-ping death". Karsten J├Ąger's vocals have always sounded like Lemmy Kilmister guzzling down a bag of nails, but here he's toying with monosyllables. When combined with guitarist Witali Weber's denser, filthy black riffs, we find out just how bloody gory Disbelief can really be...

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