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Monday, May 17, 2010

Gig Review: 65daysofstatic & Loops Haunt – Junction, Cambridge 09/04/2010

My review - originally published on TLOBF:

As soon as 65daysofstatic walk onto stage and fire up the twinkling ‘Mountainhead’, the sensory overload steps up to a whole new level. Not only have we now got volume levels that threaten to take your head off but also a series of brutal strobes and searchlights that flash on and off, attempting to burn holes in your retinas. With such an overexposed image before us, it’s easy to compare the experience to whacking up the bass boost on your iTunes whilst switching on the fluorescent kitchen light first thing in the morning. During ‘Await Rescue’ some begin to retreat to the back of the room to lurk in the shadows, whilst the 65kids, front and middle, are only spurred on to embrace the inevitable oblivion. Wonderfully, ‘A Failsafe’ locates and flicks off the “overkill” button and things improve from here on in...

Photo © Rich E

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