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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Album/DVD Review: Welcome To The Twisted Cabaret Vol. 1

My review - originally posted on TLOBF:

Formed with the aim of uniting “some of the most important modern artists who are using, altering or diverting the codes and rules of Weimar Cabaret” this release attempts to capture those memorable nights we’ve dined out on as young, vibrant, beautiful people. Personally, I’m a twisted middle-aged hack and the idea of going to a burlesque club or going to see an off-the-wall circus act fills me with nothing but horror. Consequently, I knew little of what to expect and so found myself pleasantly surprised and enjoying the controversial Brechtian and Gypsy cabaret of The Tiger Lillies, the fuzzed blues and screwball poetics of The Maxi Monster Music Show and the talented Japanese duo Kokusoyu Sumire and their fairytale re-imaginings...

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