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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Album Review: The Drift - Memory Drawings

It’s been three years since The Drift released their debut album, ‘Noumena’, but this is purely down to the number of pies that each band member have had their sticky fingers embedded in - one of these includes Danny Grody’s ultra-prolific post-rock band, Tarentel. The boys did, however, manage to fit in an extensive tour across North America and Japan which has inspired a ruthless efficiency for song-writing that is apparent on this new release. Recorded directly to analogue tape with producer Jay Pellicci at the helm, the mix is used as another instrument to shape each song, channeling the mythos of late 60’s jazz and late 70’s dub classics.

Full of ethereal charm and sweeping instrumental soundscapes ‘If Wishes Were Horses’ features a soft, fluttering trumpet, replacing the need for a vocal, rising and falling to form the track’s heartbeat. ‘Uncanny Valley’ introduces shades of afro-beat and disco-soul that weave their way to the surface injecting new life to a recurring pattern. Much of what is on offer winds its course down the same eroded river bed and considering its gentle nature it could easily be viewed as repetitive ephemera. For me, however, it could just be the perfect album to wash away the stresses of a hard day as it floods your senses with its miasma of intertwining strands of ambience. All you have to do is simply allow yourself to drift along.

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