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Album Review: TBA

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Album Review: Ill Nino - Enigma

Cristian Machado’s spitting vocals echo Robb Flynn’s monstrous roar and threaten to overwhelm but they quickly flatten out into a wash of harmonised choruses that fit snugly over rattling, crunched guitars. The real delight here though is the brilliantly conceptual intros, bustling into clever drum syncopation which reverberates throughout. The band’s Latin roots anchor the album with these percussive rhythms and some tracks are sung wholly in Spanish. Their groove is undeniable and irresistible, rumbling slowly forward.

‘Compulsion of Virus And Fever’ scorches a great scar of bellowing whilst the guitar sections bully their way to the forefront over dancing drums. There is a tendency for the weaker, more formulaic tracks like ‘Formal Obsession’ or ‘Guerilla Carnival’ to get lost alongside ones that simply fizz and bristle with emotion and cunning. Still, by keeping close to their roots and inflecting their own unique touches they have produced a constantly surprising album worthy of a place in anyone’s collection.

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